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Indian Betting Sites is dedicated to Indian Punters who loves to bet on offshore betting sites. Indlan law prohibits from betting but there is no such law where it prohibits Online Betting. As of now no one has been caught for betting on offshore betting websites from the privacy of their own home using an internet connection. I must warn people of India that you do bet at your own risk, this site will only provide information as to which banking options to choose and on which website to bet, will not guarantee that you risk nothing. With that said, here are some tips to be able to deposit and bet online in India. There are over a dozen of highly legitimate online betting sites, located outside of India, that are more than happy to take bets from India.

Below I am going to make a table to show there recent bonus offers, link to the review pages and sign up links so that it will be easy for you to get what you want.
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Top Betting Sites

Bet365 for Indians
No 1 Indian Betting Site
Welcome Bonus to New Players up to Rs 2500
Bet365 for Indians
No 2 Indian Betting Site
100% Welcome Bouns up to Rs 1,000
Bet365 for Indians
No 3 Indian Betting Site
Welcome Bonus to New Players up to 20%
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Most of the betting sites allow bettors from India to deposit and bet on there website but they don't cater to them. They don't offer the sports you want or your favored currency, which all makes it very difficult for players from India to bet under comfortable circumstances. But there are few betting sites which allows bettors from India to bet on there website using Indian Rupees such as bet365, and These three websites are the best options for Indians to choose from.

Deposit and Withdrawal for Indian Bettors

Almost all the online Sportsbook welcomes players to deposit them using our Bank Account or using our Credit or Debit Card but I dont recommend to do that as its not legal for we Indians to directly use our Indian Bank Account or Credit cards to deposit to those offshore betting sites. On the other hand we recommend you to open an eWallets. For every Indian who wish to bet on online betting sites "NETeller" and "Moneybookers" appears to a boon to them. These ewallets are just like an online bank where you can deposit your funds, keep your funds there for a longer duration and you can withdraw the same at any time. These eWallets are registerd and licenced outside of India.

In my opinion using NETeller is highly recommended as most of the sportsbetting sites do accepts Neteller as one of there banking options. Customer support at NETeller is also very good, to continue reading more about Neteller please go to this page: Neteller for India or if you wish to open your Neteller account then click here.

After Neteller the second recommendation is Moneybookers/Skrill which is also a best banking method for all Indian those who wish to open a online sports betting account. To read more on Moneybookers click on the link: Moneybookers for India or if you wish to open your Moneybookers account now then click here.

Welcome Bonuses at Betting Sites

In the world of betting or gambling you must have heard or seen that these betting sites offers welcome bonuses to there new customers as well some sites offers bonuses to there repeted customers too. The main purpose behind offering these bonuses is to entice the customer to signup on there website and remain a customer of there site for a longer duration. In this cut-throat competetion almost all the betting sites offers there customers some or other types of bonus.

There are different types of bonuses available in the market for example: Some sites offers 100% welcome bonus some offers 50% welcome bouns up to a certain amount. lets take an exaple of bet365 where they are giving a welcome bonus of 100% bonus up to £200. That means if you deposit £100 you will get an additional £100 from there site, if you deposit £175 then you will get an additional £175 from them up to a maximum of £200. But if you deposit £250 then you will get a return bonus of just £200 only.

Now lets take an example of welcome bonus of "50% up to $50" here you will get only 50% of your deposit that means, if you make a deposit of $60 then you will get a bonus of $30, if you make a deposit of $100 then you will get $50 and if you make a deposit of $200 then you will get a bonus up to a maximum of $50 only as they have put a limit of "up to $50".

There are few sites where they offer bonus on every deposit and some offer on the first 3 deposits.

Some sites even offer a No Deposit Bonus only to there new customers, that mean if you are joining them then they will give you some money for free regardless of any deposits you made. One of such site is Dafabet where they are giving away Rs. 1000/- absolutey free to there new customers who uses our site for signup. Inspit of Rs 500 free bonus you will even get Rs. 15000 welcome bonus of your first 3 deposit for a maximum of Rs 5000 per deposit.

The process of claming your No Deposit Requierd bonus is simple:

Sign up using this link: Dafabet Rs. 500 Free
Send an Email to:

Hope you will enjoy your free bonus money on betting at

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The main purpose of launcing is to help all those Indians who are willing to bet online but they dont find any solutions to go ahead. This website is here to provide you informations related to online betting, opening ewallets account and how to use your money for betting. Our goal is to provide the highest quality information about websites that offer sports betting online for Indian Bettors. Our website provides that information in easy to access formats so that it will be easy for you to understand how and where to start. We are not forcing you to bet online using your hard earned money as we all know that "Betting" is associated with high "RISK".

With that said, we at Indian Betting Sites encourage you to bet responsible, and also wish you the very best of luck.